Kingtox Ad 2019 Displays Sharp Wit & Innovative Content

Author: Mahrukh Husain

In today’s world of mass media, it has become somewhat of a necessity to create content that is not only unique but which is able to capture the attention of its audience by standing out from the rest. Considering Kingtox’s USP is insect removal, one is hard pressed when it comes to the development of the most appropriate message, apart from depicting insects as cartoon-like pests that need to be eliminated. Yet, Kingtox has been able to counter this obstacle through humor and sharp wit and, in this case, a rather innovative spin on the word, ‘keera’ (pest).

The ad begins with a senior corporate official being served a tray of tea with biscuits by the resident waiter with the latter promptly being lectured on the correct way to present the same. The portrayal of the corporate official is one almost all of us can immediately identify as, at some point in our lives, we have come across such personalities; individuals who are obsessive control freaks and who are just not pleasant to have around. As the official rambles on while the poor waiter looks on with growing discontent, the camera pans out with a narration: “Dimaag ke keeray ke ilawa, har keeray ko maaray …Kingtox, chhoray ga nahin, maaray ga, chun chun kay.” (With the power of killing every kind of pest, with the exception of a human pest …Kingtox kills each, one by one, leaving no trace).

Such ads are perfect examples of how puns can be used to engage with the audience as well as connect with them on an emotional level. By taking an everyday occurrence that people can relate to and bringing it into the mainstream, Kingtox has managed to create a unique piece of messaging that not only stands out from the plethora of advertising messages currently circulating in the electronic media but also retains its relevance across various social classes, thus affirming its position as top-of-mind (TOM) with its consumers.

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