PSL ANTHEM 2019 – Maza Nahi Aaya

Author: Fatma Khalil - Chief Editor

Sung by our Maula Jutt of the times – Fawad Khan, PSL Anthem 2019 has received a mixed bag of reactions despite the massive star power it comes with.

When the PSL Anthem 2019 came out, many took to twitter to comically express their dislike towards it until more recently when it somehow managed to grow on the public by and large but still not so much:

The bass with which this Shuja Haider composition starts is pretty groovy, putting listeners in a mood where they begin to expect for the song to really pick up and culminate into something grand. Only, it doesn’t – both in the department of composition and vocals. Lyrics are surely worthwhile and apt with the season.

One factor for this song missing the punch could also be how Shuja Haider has worked outside his usual genre of  mellow & soft music for the first time on such a large and a peppy number rising the cricket fever is not his forte, per say. People are also comparing the main anthem with the team anthems and are finding Zalmi’s, produced by Zulfi and sung by Call band far better than the main.

Even the song video hardly bags any emotionally titillating moments that can claim to stay with the audience the minute after they turn away from their screens. The overall vibe of this song both visually and audibly needed to be far more upbeat and stimulating to really translate into the depiction of our national rage for the sport.

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