Transforming Pakistan Via Automation

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Automation holds the key to drastically empower Pakistan’s economy. From services and logistics to manufacturing and agriculture, technology can boost the efficiencies, capacities and overall quality of practically all those manual activities. Rapid transformation can be witnessed once process automation is applied onto all the emerging possibilities.

Technology-driven transformation exponentially enables us to comprehensively evolve our economic activity and society at large. Developing countries like Pakistan seldom have had the chance to get past generations of innovation, as they do now. Pakistan now has the opportunity to notably upgrade efficiencies in resources utilization through technology-enabled process automation.

For instance, the agriculture sector contributed 30% to Pakistan’s GDP in 1980, but as we speak, it is gone as low as 19.5%. Alongside, the services have grown from 49% to 60% in the same time span. The strength of agriculture’s workforce however, has slightly declined in comparison to its share in the nation’s economy. This growth in some sectors and decline or stagnation in others is a common trend in developing countries. One of the few strategies that can uplift economy in its’ entirety is automation, creating a balance between efficiencies and costs.

Public/ Private Sectors

Public transport, logistics, resources and security can massively benefit from automation by reducing external dependencies and the cost of conducting businesses. It is crucial to transform not just production but the country into a progressive economy.

Service & Finance

Telecommunications and banking can vastly benefit from network and resource optimally utilized by automation. More so, the implementation of anytime/anywhere connectivity and services like cashless transactions and e-commerce activities will multiply.

Agriculture & Textile

Core production strengths, such as agriculture and textile can also benefit from process automation & technology deployment. Implementation of automated systems in irrigation, greenhouse production and other areas can potentially change agri-production in Pakistan for the better.


While a recent consensus, emerging in the country recognizes the opportunities automation brings to us, stressing more on education and infrastructure is also the need of the hour and an ecosystem that initiates and sustains the said digital transformations.

Automation utilizes systems to upsurge efficacy and save resources for each type of field instead of wasting precious human resources on repetitive tasks. Time to invest human potential for value addition!

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