Uber for Women in Cricket and other Walks of Life

Author: Lateef Dadabhoy

A DVC to have recently made waves  online is that of  Uber, actively promoting women’s cricket and similarly strives to make it safe for women to move around more conveniently. This ad emphasizes that distance should not be a barrier for pursuing one’s dreams and one should go to any extent when it comes to achieving their aspirations. This is where Uber comes in, as it enables you to physically get to places.

However, the core message should have been conveyed more prominently – that of the communication being a CSR activity in collaboration with Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Even earlier during the ICC Women’s WT20 series, in partnership with ICC (International Cricket Council), Uber pledged to donate $1000 for every six hit during the tournament to be later contributed towards the development of women’s cricket.

We also see Uber making celebrity endorsements instrumental by roping in cricketer, Sana Mir. On a side note, I believe they should have highlighted her name in subtitles on screen as not many of us might be familiar of her; precisely why it dilutes the idea of a celebrity angle in the first place since masses don’t recognize female cricketers as readily as the director assumed they do.

Hence Uber somewhat fails to highlight this communication as a CSR activity. Most people view ride hailing company ads for useful promo codes and it even fails to deliver on that front.

Overall, a pretty decent production value and execution, but does not convey the entire message effectively. I’d rate it 2.5/5 !

Featured Girls
Aroob Khan Saima Baig Atiqa Nasir Ramin Shamim Huraina Sajjad, Dina,Umul, Sana,Rima


Production House : Filmex

Director: Umair Nasir Ali


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