Zellbury – Keeping it real!

Author: Fatma Khalil - Chief Editor

Zellbury Clothing’s new DVC featuring Iqra Aziz, the brand’s new ambassador aims to put across how one needn’t give into the dictatorship of ongoing trends and ‘keep it real’ simply by reflecting your own unique personality through what you wear than be a cookie cutter product of current fashion.

Zellbury – Spring/Summer 2019

Its finally here! We're excited to showcase our work with Iqra Aziz. Shooting it was as fun as it looks. Pre-booking for our Latest Spring Summer Unsittched collection Starting from 6th of February 2019 #RealFashion #RealPrices #IqraAziz

Publiée par Zellbury sur Dimanche 3 février 2019

While the start of the video draws an interesting analogy showing a shrink meaning to plant the idea of embracing trending fashion in Iqra’s head, and how Iqra is not in her control, the message of keeping it real almost to the extent of rebelling against mainstream fashion is simply not conveyed effectively.

For one Zellbury’s range is far from edgy and very much the usual working women semi-casual wear you see at lots of other such outlets; so how do they claim to be the only ones ‘keeping it real’ when others are too offering the same comfort and real prices for real women? Secondly, the plots shown in the video are not well-brewed. A lot more could have been done with the concept at hand.

However that head wiggle in the end by Iqra ? Super cute 🙂

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